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Michael Dymersky
30-Aug-2006, 02:20
I was womdering if anyone has any experience with the Blackjacket focusing cloth with Sinar F2 4X5 camera.Which cloth would you recommend,the 4X5=32 inches neck or the Tweener=40 inches neck. Michael Dymersky.

Gary Smith
30-Aug-2006, 03:26
I have not used it with a Sinar, but I have with a Cambo, Toyo and Shen Hao. I love mine, actually able to relax and take my time viewing the ground glass. I never liked using a normal dark cloth. Keith makes a fine product that has held up very very well. I am about to order one for an 8x10 camera.

Not exactly the answer you wanted, but I hope it helps.


Sheldon N
30-Aug-2006, 08:20
I use the BTZS focusing hood on 4x5 with a Wista DX and have found it very effective. It doesn't have sleeves, but it is also a little bit cheaper. Badger has them for $55.

Jim Noel
30-Aug-2006, 10:37
I have a Black Jacket and love it.
Get the largest one you can. It is impossible to block out too much light.

Bob Gentile
30-Aug-2006, 11:31
I agree with Jim... go large.

Charles Webb
31-Aug-2006, 12:02
I really like mine, I have the smaller one, but would recommend the larger (40). Will one day up grade!

C Webb

Steve Kefford
31-Aug-2006, 16:00
Would anybody care to comment upon the "Original" versus the "Hybrid" blackjackets?


JW Dewdney
31-Aug-2006, 16:04
I haven't used a cloth for god only knows how many years. Since going to a reflex viewer - I'd never go back, I don't think. It's just so much nicer, quicker, more effective. I think you can make more rational compositional decisions when you're not messing about with a cloth. Though there IS a certain romanticism about 'the cloth' I suppose I can't deny.

31-Aug-2006, 18:05
There was some discussion about using a black T-shirt so that's whay I started to use and will continue to. Didn't cost me anything (freeby giveaway with some writing on it). I can either wear it or use it just for focusing. I either put it on backwards or put the neck end over the camera. If I loose it-no big loss. Works much better than a terry cloth towell.

Daniel Geiger
31-Aug-2006, 18:08
I use the larger Blackjacket hybrid (40 inches, I believe) with an Arca F 4x5. Have not used the BJ regular, but the hybrid is quite fine: lightweight but still providing sufficient darkening (considering some concessions when using a monorail, where a 100% tight fit is impossible). I have used it in the California desert and also out in Volcano National Park right where the lava comes out. It does get nice and steamy underneath the hybrid. I do think that the regular cloth may even be hotter.

And I *have* used it as a windbreaker ...

Gordon Moat
31-Aug-2006, 21:17
I got a dark cloth tube off EBAY from a seller named ted.b a few months ago. It is very simple and quick to put onto the camera. Packs up easily and can be washed or somply rinsed off. About the only downside is that on a really hot day it can be a little warm under the tube, though that is probably something many darkcloths can affect.


Gordon Moat
A G Studio (http://www.allgstudio.com)

1-Sep-2006, 05:43
In my opinion BlackJackets are the way forward - but make sure you speak to/contact Keith at BlackJacket and then you'll get the correct type for your needs/your camera.

The idea of the BlackJacket is simple yet very clever. The design allows easy use of camera controls whilst maintaining the all-important darkness level - in fact the original design has been improved upon by the addition of the BlackBag - this is a carry bag for the cloth which doubles as a blind to cut down on annoying light that creeps between the camera base plate and rear standard.

In use "in the field" they excel. They weigh next-to-nothing, pack small and are quick and easy to use. They don't slip off the back of the rear standard and I find them much more breathable than other tube-type cloths.

On recent workshops we have joked about how you can clear people from a scene you are trying to shoot by wearing it and muttering things about nuclear fallout - but the cloth is much more useful when worn by the camera/tripod when faced with patchy rain/drizzle.

Regards Paul