View Full Version : CNN Headline News today at 5:24 eastern time

chris jordan
29-Aug-2006, 14:01
Hey guys, flip on CNN today at 5:24 eastern time. There's a LF photography piece, some dorky guy from Seattle...

paul stimac
29-Aug-2006, 14:08
Did he invent the world's highest resolution camera?:D

Eric Biggerstaff
29-Aug-2006, 14:21
Chris, sorry I missed that!

I was just looking at your book during lunch today and thought is was vey beautiful in a sad sort of way, very emotional. I liked the story about the man you met while photographing the Xmas ornament on the gate, that says a lot about the place and it's people.

Happy to know you are getting much deserved coverage from the news media, I wonder if there is a way I can see a replay of the piece as I missed it.

Congrats again.

29-Aug-2006, 14:30
I just saw it. Congrats.

Ralph Barker
29-Aug-2006, 14:30
Yeah, I saw that dorky guy, along with his accordian with the lens on the front. ;)


Kirk Gittings
29-Aug-2006, 14:42
SWEEEEEEEEEET! You deserve it. Great work.

Walter Calahan
29-Aug-2006, 15:42

If I had cable (the line ended 1/2 mile up the road from me - life in the country) I would have watched!

Perhaps when it comes out on DVD! Grin.

Congratulations. Much deserved!!!!!

29-Aug-2006, 18:04
Hi Chris,

Congratulations... you know you've hit the "Big Times" when you're interviewed on CNN! :)

Good show!


Eric Leppanen
29-Aug-2006, 18:51

I actually set my DVR to record CNN when I saw your note, but when I played it back later I didn't see you in it. Then I noticed that you were really on CNN Headline News. Darn!

Congratulations on some well deserved exposure for your very meaningful work.

Doug Dolde
29-Aug-2006, 21:18
Hope Anderson Cooper interviewed you and not Nancy Grace :)

Bob Gentile
29-Aug-2006, 22:01
Darn! Times like this I wish I owned a television.