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29-Aug-2006, 08:39
So, I always forget to do these intro things when I join a forum, sorry about that. :)

I am Keith and I am a physicist with a research lab who one day decided that since I had invested heavily in my education in optics that I really should pick up a camera.

Needless to say, my stuff is mostly of a scientific nature. My first experience with LF film was developing images from an electron microscope! In the lab I am highly digital, but in my life out of the lab, I am still very much devoted to film.

So I am pretty sciencey, but I do have a lot of more conventional artistic interests and my explorations have taken me through all manner 35mm equipment, TLRs and rangefinders, in and out of digital, and finally into medium and large format.

My favourite tools right now are probably my medium format rangefinders, but I also like the LF oldies, such as a crown graphic that I am now adapting for some new projects. Basically there isn't any aspect of photography that doesn't interest me.

Unlike many of you, I am not at all in the "biz" - no site, no gallery, no plans to sell, no business card, though I do sell a few things here and there if somebody asks. I make my living doing optical spectroscopy and teaching at the university level. I definitely don't have time to do a lot of photography but I try to fit in photography whenever I can. I thoroughly enjoy shooting b&w and doing my own printing and toning.

Too much information?!


Eric Biggerstaff
29-Aug-2006, 09:04
Welcome and hope you enjoy the forum.

29-Aug-2006, 12:11
Hi Keith,

Welcome to the forum. No, you did not post too much information. Your background would be helpful to a lot of the folks here that have an interest in optics. I am not that deep :) . I am just in the whole photo business for the pictures and the stories. Please do post an image or two in the "How About A Picture Post?" (http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/showthread.php?t=17509) thread. You never know who may enjoy them.

29-Aug-2006, 12:14
Howdy Keith,

Welcome to the group... from Vancouver, BC in Canada. :)


Ron Marshall
29-Aug-2006, 12:15
Welcome to the forum Keith.

Patrik Roseen
29-Aug-2006, 12:28
Welcome Keith, nice to see another 'NOT in the biz' join this forum!

It was actually not until the forum recently changed the SW that I realised how many professional/Qualified LF's there are here. And all those amazing sites, with fantastic photographs. Wow, they sure made me blush... What is really great with this forum is how all these pros share their extensive knowledge and experience with others like you and me.

Ralph Barker
29-Aug-2006, 13:42
Welcome, Keith. And, to paraphrase the question asked of Dr. Whatizname on the Science Channel, "How's the microverse today?" ;)

29-Aug-2006, 14:12
Thanks for the welcome! I look forward to learning and perhaps even contributing.