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Lucas M
28-Aug-2006, 09:26
Just saying hello.

Recently finished building a bender 4x5 view camera but haven't taken any pictures yet. Live in Okotoks, Alberta. Haven't found a place to develop any of my pictures yet. That is all for now. Bye

Ralph Barker
28-Aug-2006, 09:51
Welcome to the LF Forum, Lucas. Good luck with the Bender.

28-Aug-2006, 09:57
Hi Lucas,

As a former Albertan (even immigrated 6years ago and lived in Calgary for three years), welcome. I believe there are few people from Ablerta on this forum so try to do some search in this forum, you can find them.

Just type Canadians in search and you will see how many of us are here.:)

28-Aug-2006, 10:21
Hi Lucas, from Hawaii.

28-Aug-2006, 10:35
Hi Lucas,

I was also a Calgarian back 20 years ago this September... a native one at that! :)

Now a Vancouverite!

Welcome to the club. :)


Andrew O'Neill
28-Aug-2006, 11:46
Greeting Lucas,

Welcome to the LF community. I'm originally from Saskatoon but now find myself living in Coquitlam (near Vancouver) after many years in Japan. Why don't you develop your own film?

Ernest Purdum
28-Aug-2006, 13:32
If you lack darkroom facilities you might consider trying Polaroid for awhile. It can get somewhat expensive, but is a great learning tool. Later on, it is very useful for test shots. Polaroid holders show up on eBay pretty regularly.

Ernest Purdum
28-Aug-2006, 13:36
On other subjects, I am not totally unfamiliar with Alberta, I worked in Edmonton and Cold Lake briefly on my way to and from Churchill, Manitoba.

Best wishes for your LF adventures.

Lucas M
28-Aug-2006, 17:25
Thank you for all the welcomes. Polaroid sounds like looking into.