View Full Version : New K.B. Canham 8x10 Wood Standard

Scott Squires
28-Aug-2006, 07:38
Well after 5 years of self debate I bought a K.B. Canham 8x10 Wood Standard camera. After shooting 4x5 for many years I decided to get the 8x10 before I got too old! I set up a web page for my new 8x10 venture on my website.


My other goal was 4x10. After reading Kerry's great article on 4x10 last year in View Camera I decided to do it. It took a year to get the $$$ and make the move. I know that there are many people in the group who shoot 4x5 and are wondering if the move to 8x10 is worth it, as I did for a long time. I will keep my web page updated as I go along and give an honest opinion on shooting 8x10 and 4x10, good or bad. So far it is looking very good!


Stephen Willard
28-Aug-2006, 07:56
I took a quick peek at your website. Your cameras are very beautiful. There is nothing like beautiful tools that function well to may beautiful images. I shoot 4x10 and 5x7 and cut my film from 8x10 for both formats. I to thought long and hard about 8x10, but chose 5x7 because it was more portable. I still often think of 8x10 and wonder if I made the right choice. I will be taking a peek at your sight intermittently to see how things are going. Perhaps I may revist my decision about 8x10.

Good luck with your new endeavour.

Jack Flesher
28-Aug-2006, 08:21
Nice set-up Scott! I just bought an 8x10 myself (an older cheap one!) to see if it suits, so I'll be interested in keeping current on your progress -- please keep us posted!


Jim Noel
28-Aug-2006, 08:27
I don't understand why you cut 5x7 from 8x10, Isn't that rather wasteful when 5x7 is available?

Walter Calahan
28-Aug-2006, 08:40

Here's my Canham 8x10 (light weight version) http://www.walterpcalahan.com/Cheers/Bio.html

Beautiful camera.

30-Aug-2006, 17:20
Hi Scott,

Gorgeous looking camera...


By buying a "light-weight" 8x10, aren't you missing out on one of the biggest and most profound benefits of large format photography?

That being.........strong leg muscles??? :)

Gorgeous looking cameras... I'm looking forward to seeing one when Rob Skeoch brings one up for The Western Canada Free Workshop in September.