View Full Version : Wide Angle on Ebony 45 SU (Drop bed??)

27-Aug-2006, 08:07
I'm thinking of purchasing an Ebony 45SU and using lenses in the 58mm to telephoto range (more likely 75mm to 240mm). What I don't know is if the front camera base would be visible when using a WA lens like the 58mm or 75mm lenses and if so how could I manipulate the movements to mitigate this potential problem? Thanks in advance for your response!

Michael Mutmansky
27-Aug-2006, 08:38
Not visible at all with my 58. The bed is short, so it doesn't interfere with the lens cone.


28-Aug-2006, 01:10
The SU is specifically designed to allow the use of wide lenses so there is no problem with the bed intruding into the image - I use a 55mm quite happily (on a flat panel) quite happily and have used a 47XL on a recessed panel, again without any hitches. Paul