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30-Mar-2000, 15:24
Hello. I am interested in buying a Linhof Kardan GTL 45 4x5 System and want to k now thw difference between the AMS and normal camera. I thank you in advance for your valuable feedback.

Ellis Vener
30-Mar-2000, 17:25
You want to communicate directly with bobsalomon@midspring.com. Bob's company, H . P. Marketing, is the USA distributor for Linhof.

Bob Salomon
30-Mar-2000, 19:44
Currently in 45 and 57 only the AMS model is available. The 810 is not made with the AMS feature.

The original TL and GTL cameras computed DOF at one reproduction ratio using a knob connected to the focusing mechanism on the back standard.

On the AMS versions the knob was replaced with a plate across the back of the rear standard which computes DOF at several reproduction ratios.

This is very important when needing an accurate measure of the DOF since the aperture needed for a given displacement on the monorail at infinty as compared to 1:1 would differ by a full stop.