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Daniel Piar
25-Aug-2006, 12:24
Hello, all -- short-time reader, first-time poster here from just outside Atlanta. I've been photographing in the smaller formats for a while, but I have just acquired my first, basic LF kit with the goal of launching an architectural photography business over the next couple of years. This site, and this forum, are by far the best sources of information that I have found, so I'm very appreciative. I look forward to learning more from everyone, and even contributing myself as I progress.



25-Aug-2006, 12:41
Hi Daniel,

Greetings and welcome to the forum... from Vancouver, BC in Canada. :)

Yes, there are some great people with some great insights on this forum.

Is it a 4x5 you just acquired?

If it is... the guys will get you up to 8x10 in no time flat! :)


Ron Marshall
25-Aug-2006, 12:43
Welcome to the forum Daniel. Good luck with the photo business. 5x7 is the "Goldilocks" format.

25-Aug-2006, 13:23
Welcome to the LF Forum Daniel! I lived in the Marietta/Woodstock area for 15 years. Will be relocating to the Cairo/Thomasville area (by way of Tallahassee :) ) shortly.

Ralph Barker
25-Aug-2006, 13:27
Welcome to the forum, Daniel.

Doug Howk
25-Aug-2006, 15:25
There are several LF photogs in your area. Check out SouthEast regional group under community at APUG.org. Gary Beasley is organizing an outing 17th September that you might be interested in attending.

Daniel Piar
26-Aug-2006, 09:47
Thanks, all, for the replies and the info. I am indeed shooting 4x5 (for now), but I would love to experiment with those big contact prints some day!