View Full Version : Schneider APO Tele Xenar HM 400/5.6 -- any experiences?

Sergey Zhupanov
31-Jan-2000, 14:54

I am seriously considering replacing my Nikkor 300/9 and 450/9 lenses with the Schneider. The primary reasons are: 1) Brighter image; 2) Short er bellows extension; 3) smaller total number of lenses. I would very much appr eciate any comments on the lens and on my plan.

Darron Spohn
2-Feb-2000, 10:53
How much do you want for the Nikkor 300/9?

Patrick Raymore
3-Feb-2000, 15:47
Sergey, I hope you have strong shoulders, lots of room in your bag and a pocket full of money, because this lens is heavy, large and expensive. The new compact version still sports a #3 shutter. Also check the bellows pull (back focal length) before you buy, it wasn't that short for a tele design. Pat