View Full Version : Help with large format basics in San Francisco

Gib Robinson
25-Aug-2006, 05:25
I am just starting to use an Arca-Swiss F 4x5. It's my first LF camera and I would very much like to find one or two photographers in San Francisco (or near by) to help me master the basics. If you are willing to help, please e-mail me. If you know of places or people I can turn to for help, please let me know.

Thank you.

25-Aug-2006, 05:40
I'm a book kinda guy and would suggest you find or buy a copy of Jack Dykinga's Large Format Nature Photography. He uses an Arca Swiss F and much of his technical discussion shows that camera. It's my favorite of all my 'view camera' books at the moment. I'm in Denver so can't help there, and I'm just getting started anyway so the book's the best I can offer. :D

Gib Robinson
25-Aug-2006, 07:06
Thanks for the suggestion. I do have Jack Dykinga's book. I also have books by Stroebel and Simmons. They are very helpful, but I want some face-to-face coaching too.

Ron Marshall
25-Aug-2006, 11:46
Gib, practice camera movements in your livingroom: front or rear tilt to bring near and far elements into focus, and front rise. These are the most used movements for LF.

The other thing that takes a bit of thought is exposure. Have a look at the negative by Adams, that will show you how to calculate proper exposure.

Developing is fairly straightforward, the only time critical phase is the developer.

Good luck

25-Aug-2006, 12:04

Welcome to the LF club...

Don't forget the book by Jim Stone entitled, A Users Guide To The View Camera." It's a superbly written book.

I'd also advise looking for the 2nd edition, which will cost less than the latest 3rd edition AND is printed on far, far better stock.

It's a very well written book and has some great illustrations in it! :)


Gib Robinson
25-Aug-2006, 13:10
Thank you H.D.C. I just ordered a copy of the 2nd edition.