View Full Version : Travel with Sheet Film USA to UK -- Latest Info?

Frank Petronio
24-Aug-2006, 20:34
Is there any definitive info about traveling via air with sheet film in your carry-on, especially for USA to UK and back trips?

Depending on which inflamatory website I read, I've heard that it is getting checked and X-rayed in the more powerful checked baggage machines. Or some random inspector may decide that the box must be opened in daylight.

Is there anything definitive and is there a written policy which I can download and print in order to present it to an overly zealous inspector? Policies for both countries, not just one or the other?

Even if there is a definite policy regarding professional film, as I believe there already is with the USA TSA, is there an over-riding emergency provision that gives the inspectors the right to open your film boxes anyway? (Common sense seems that there must be some sort of emergency clause.) So if another threat emerges during my travels does that mean my film boxes are screwed?

Oh, I'd love to argue politics and make a few jabs, but let's start a thread in the Lounge for that. What are the facts about traveling to England next month with sheet film?

Oren Grad
24-Aug-2006, 20:50
Frank, here's the Heathrow guidance for photographers:


But be real: under present circumstances, there's no way to be sure about what an inspector will do if he encounters something he doesn't understand.

24-Aug-2006, 21:14
How about carry-on restrictions? The last I read was only one--briefcase (notebook PC) size. It means you can carry on your gear flying in, but not out.
Not that I'm flying to UK soon but concerned about the trend.

Frank Petronio
24-Aug-2006, 21:26
Right now I'm probably wearing a DSLR around my shoulder, carrying a couple of boxes of film in my jacket, and placing a cheap, rugged Crown Graphic in the checked luggage.

24-Aug-2006, 22:19
a cheap, rugged Crown Graphic in the checked luggage.
I should think about that. It's just Graphics don't look "cheap" now...

Armin Seeholzer
25-Aug-2006, 01:58
Hi Fank
they think the Crown is a weapon from WW2!

25-Aug-2006, 03:54
Plain English version: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/4789593.stm

Official Govt. version: http://www.dft.gov.uk/stellent/groups/dft_about/documents/page/dft_about_612280.hcsp

This is for people leaving the UK - presumably the US Gov. has a similar site.

Cheers, Bob.

25-Aug-2006, 04:40
I'm flying from Barcelona to UK next week. I've been told there are strictly enforced limits for my return trip from UK to Barcelona. I'm shooting 5x4 while I'm over there and wanted to bring the film back. I've been told i can take one small case (normal laptop size). Film SHOULD be ok but this is down to the individual inspector. They may want to see inside everything. I'm going to courier the film. I've also been told that my asthma inhalers need certification as do any other liquid medication.