View Full Version : Enlarging lenses on a 4x5 body?

Jon Law
5-May-1998, 21:10
I have a Schneider Componon 150/5.6 floating around -- can I mount it on a 4x5 a nd have it work? What is the coverage of this lens, and what is the suggestiong regarding in gene ral mounting of enlarging lenses on a board? Can I throw on a Copal 0 or 1 shutt er as an afterthought? Thanks. -jon

Alan Gibson
6-May-1998, 06:51
You'll find information in http://www.schneideroptics.com/. I suspect you'll fin d it won't fit into a Copal shutter. Enlarging lenses are corrected for flat fie lds and small magnifications, so it won't perform as well as a same-priced camer a lens for, say, landscapes.