View Full Version : Mixing Rodinal (A & B)

brian steinberger
17-Aug-2006, 16:54
I just bought a Rodinal kit from the Photo Formulary. I'm wondering if after I mix up each part (A & B) if I can just mix some of each together to make a smaller batch of stock solution. Will this help to save the life of each of A & B that are left? Does it oxidize quicker when you mix the two together? Since you dilute Rodinal so much I'd like to maximixe the life of the stock solution as much as possible. Thanks


Donald Qualls
18-Aug-2006, 11:42
Once completely mixed, the shelf life of their product ought to be measurable in years, if not decades, similar to Agfa/A&O Rodinal, Calbe R-09, or Foma F-09. Even Parodinal, made from acetaminophen tablets, in my experience will last until the bottle gets to about 10% full, regardless how long that takes (I usually get up to 3 months from 200 or 250 ml).