View Full Version : Difference between Super Angulon 120/121mm.

17-Aug-2006, 14:30
What's the difference between these two f:8 lenses?

JW Dewdney
17-Aug-2006, 14:34
About a millimeter.

Sorry - couldn't resist. I'm an ass.

Ron Marshall
17-Aug-2006, 15:24
Link to 121 info: http://www.schneideroptics.com/info/vintage_lens_data/large_format_lenses/super-angulon/data/8-121mm.html

Link to 120 info:


Alan Davenport
17-Aug-2006, 18:03
Like the old cigarette commercial: just a silly millimeter longer.

neil poulsen
17-Aug-2006, 21:46
The main difference is that the 120mm is multi-coated, whereas the 121mm is single-coated.

I have the latter, and it's an excellent lens. I figured that, if it's good 'nough for Ansel Adams, it's good 'nough for me. One can also find them at quite reasonable prices.

Emmanuel BIGLER
18-Aug-2006, 08:19
The 120 could be a newer design but not sure except multi-coating !!.
The vintage lens data on schneideroptics.com says : 513 grams for the older 121, which could be understood as a being a very different design from the 120, listed @ 700 grams on the same web site.... or is-it a misprint or weight without shutter ?
The 1963 vintage brochure on the German Schneider web site says : 675 grams for the SA 121... on a Compur shutter.
But other brochures quote differents focal lengths and weight...

look for :