View Full Version : Joe Holmes Chroma Variant Profiles

Doug Dolde
16-Aug-2006, 21:03
Joe just updated his profile sets and added some new ones.


I had already purchased both the Ekta Space and Chrome Space profiles and variants from the last revision. I shot him a quick email and he sent me free updates in less than a hour !

Highly recommended. These make color saturation management a piece of cake. Well even better really...they are totally benign as far as file integrity goes and can be changed at any time without any degradation.

17-Aug-2006, 23:20
I bought a copy of Chroma Space and its variants yesterday evening after reading your post and was immediately impressed. Simply assigning the profile after scanning does a great job of opening up the shadows and makes a pretty tedious part of my workflow almost redundant. And that's even before playing with the variants...

Anyway, Joe has done an excellent job with these new profiles and they are well worth the asking price, imo.