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Bruce Watson
15-Aug-2006, 06:30
Anyone have any suggestions for good guide books to this area?

matthew blais
15-Aug-2006, 06:52
No guide books, but APUG member and recent LF joinee Bill Schwab is quite familiar with the area...hopefully he'll tune in to this for you.

brian reed
16-Aug-2006, 17:10
Hey Bruce,
How are you? You probably know of Photogragh America Newsletter by Robert Hitchman. He does have a newsletter that covers the U.P. You could order back issues from his website. I know its not a guide book, but probably just as good.
I'll be heading up there this October.
take care BR

Danny Burk
18-Aug-2006, 07:07
Hi Bruce - what areas do you want to visit? IMO the most productive areas are Porcupine Mts and surroundings at the west end; Pictured Rocks and the many small lakes in Hiawatha NF south of Munising. Of course there's also Tahquamenon Falls on the east side, and I like a few areas in the Keweenaw Peninsula. I typically spend most of my time in the Munising area.

I'll second Brian's suggestion of the "PA" newsletter.

Bruce Watson
18-Aug-2006, 13:04
I've actually got the Photograph America Newsletter for the UP. It's more a general treatment while I was looking for more specifics such as hiking trail descriptions. Maybe I'm asking too much, and maybe it's just that no one has bothered to create such a guide for this area. Or maybe most people already know where they are going!

If I can't find that, anyone care to tell me what is at the top of their "must photograph" list for the UP in the fall?

How about a favorite local hotel or restaurant?

Dave Langendonk
18-Aug-2006, 18:10
Lake of the Clouds in the Porcupine Mountains would be my pick, especially at peak color. Go to http://www.porcupinemountains.com for more info. There are also some great waterfalls right on the border of the UP and Wisconsin. Although I live in PA now, I'm a Michigan native and spent 40+ years there.

Danny Burk
18-Aug-2006, 19:57
Bruce - lots of great areas, but my favorite would be several of the small lakes in Hiawatha NF, south of Munising. I stay at Sunset Motel in Munising. There are a number of restaurants in that town; Sydney's is good for dinner, and breakfast at Dogpatch is not to be missed. (Why a Lil' Abner themed restaurant is in Munising, I don't know...) You wouldn't be able to drag me back to the Buckhorn, however...

18-Aug-2006, 21:03
Although I don't have it, there is a Falcon Guide, "Hiking Michigan's Upper Peninsula." I have Falcon's "Great Smoky Mt. NP" guide which has very good hiking info (no colorful pictures). I believe the contents of the UP guide are accessible at trails.com, too. It's a fee-based site, but you can use the 14-day free trial to check out.

Also, here're some UP sites I've bookmarked FYI:

I live in Michigan but haven't explored UP much (afraid of trolls...or is it us living on the palm?). Have a good trip, and I hope to see some nice images:-)

evan clarke
25-Aug-2006, 04:12
Hi Bruce,
If you are not just interested in trees, color, rocks and water, on the Keweenaw peninsula Calumet is fascinating and so is the Quincy mine at Hancock..Evan Clarke