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14-Aug-2006, 20:54
Hi all,

I just purchased an Ilex-Caltar Wide Field 90mm in a Seikosha shutter online. I would like to go ahead and order a lensboard, but I'm not sure what size. I read in a post here that someone said it is a Seikosha 0 shutter, but does this translate to a Copal 0 shutter size? If anyone has this lens, could they let me know the size. I will be buying the lensboard from KEH and they sell them in millimeter sizes, not Copals, although I'm sure they correspond.


Paul Fitzgerald
14-Aug-2006, 21:59

I have a Seiksha -SLV shutter
rear mount threads = 32mm od
shoulder on retainer ring = 35mm od, flat on other side
I don't have any Copal 0 shutters

Hope it's a help.