View Full Version : X-ray revisited

Kirk Gittings
14-Aug-2006, 10:17
My tests from the England trip are back. I used both film bought in the UK and film brought in my carry on luggage (no hand check-all scanned). Both sets of film were then Fed Exed back directly to US. The film was all Fuji Acros Readyloads shipped in their regular box.

I can find absolutely no difference in the FB+F or highlights in identically shot film of the scanned vs. unscanned film (assuming Fed Ex is not scanning film).

Steve H
14-Aug-2006, 10:42
Interesting. Did you happen to take film both ways (read: scanned 2x) ?

Ron Marshall
14-Aug-2006, 10:52
On a trip through South East Asia three years ago I purposely left one roll of 35mm Sensia (100 ASA) in my carry-on to be x-rayed. The remainder was hand inspected. I noticed no difference between that roll and the others.

Kirk Gittings
14-Aug-2006, 11:17
Steve, I did with a couple of sheets, but that film is not developed yet and won't be for awhile. I have roof leaks in my darkroom that I need to fix first.

Michael Rosenberg
14-Aug-2006, 12:18

When did you fly back? I just checked with FedEx and they said that they will be mandated to start x-raying packages. No word on what type of x-rays.



Kirk Gittings
14-Aug-2006, 15:48
Michael, I got back on the 4th. At that time Fed Ex said there was a random "chance" it would be xrayed, though privately the manager, who was a serious amatuer photographer, said that was PR and would not happen. Things may have changed since the latest round of plots.