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13-Aug-2006, 04:27
I'm that rare subscriber from the UK. Currently use a Toyo 45llA, aspire to a large, large format camera such as 12 x 10 plus (subject to film availablity). Dennis

Ralph Barker
13-Aug-2006, 06:40
Welcome to the forum, Dennis.

13-Aug-2006, 06:48
Hi Dennis. Welcome to the forum and may I also extend an invitation to have a quick look at a UK-based LF group at www.lf-photo.org.uk. Where are you based in the UK? Regards Paul

13-Aug-2006, 07:16
Welcome to the LF Community Dennis. I do not think UK subscribers are that rare. Shooting LF maybe rare so I stand corrected. :)

Steve Bell
13-Aug-2006, 10:45
Welcome from another UK Toyo field user. You'll find this forum a mine of information, I know I did, both when researching what to buy and later. I often dream of an 8 x 10, but no bigger.

Barry F
13-Aug-2006, 11:05
No, we're not that rare. Welcome to a really friendly group Dennis.


14-Aug-2006, 07:48
Many thanks for the welcome. I'm looking forward to learning . . . . Dennis

14-Aug-2006, 07:50
Paul, Thanks, I'll register with the UK LF group too. Dennis

Eric Biggerstaff
14-Aug-2006, 10:04
Dennis, welcome and have fun. I think you will find this forum helpful.

14-Aug-2006, 23:35
Hi Dennis,

Welcome to the forum!

I'm also from the UK but not living in the UK right now. They're a friendly bunch here - in fact that can be said of LF photographers generally, I find.

14-Aug-2006, 23:55
Hi Dennis,

Welcome... from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. :)


17-Aug-2006, 05:28
Benvenuto Dennis

hi Dennis welcome

25-Aug-2006, 05:45
Welcome - there are a few UK LF-ers, I'm a new one too!

26-Aug-2006, 02:52
Welcome to the forum

26-Aug-2006, 03:12
Welcome: definitely a few of us knocking about... The resources on the LF site are second to none. Enjoy!

Cheers, Bob.