View Full Version : Long throw cable release

13-Aug-2006, 03:59
I posted a thread some weeks ago on long throw cable releases to use on a Luo shutter. I managed to find a Bolex with a throw of 25mm on ebay for less than £6.00 -Including postage! So I put my Horsemen cable release with a throw of 1.3mm on ebay and it sold to a bidder in Australia for £16.00 + £12 shipping!..?

All I have to do now is to mount a extra lens panel or fitted block of ply behind the one mounted to the rear of the shutter. As the cable release socket on the shutter is just slightly short of the front standard-I can get the release into it but its just not fully there as such. My only concern with this is this will mount the shutter and lens even more further forward (albiet a few MM- which ever material is used, Will this bring other issues into factor with focusing and perspective, for example a 6 1/2 inch F4 I intend on using has the bellows almost locked together, and I'm sure the 27cm when mounted on the shutter extends the bellows draw..?

Thanks to all who responded to my original post it was a lot of help.