View Full Version : Specs for Sinar A1

Ed Richards
11-Aug-2006, 04:58
I am thinking about a used Sinar A1 to get more movements than my Technika, esp. at the shorter end. I am curious about the shortest lens I can use without going to the bag bellows. How are these as field cameras? I mostly work from the car, walking a few miles tops. If I need a compact alternative I can go back to the Technika.

Frank Petronio
11-Aug-2006, 05:30
They are kind of cheap/plasticy, Sinar's lowest moment. You might do well to find one of the Linhof Monorails with the adapter lensboard - they are bargain priced and very capable and well made. I think I had a Linhof Color STE that was a great $230 camera -- as well made as a Technika with more movements, albeit bulkier. Plus the Linhofs have really thin and flexy bellows - 75mm would be no prob.

JW Dewdney
11-Aug-2006, 05:40
What Frank says. A1s have the rigidity of a house of cards. I don't know WHY they EVER made that camera. Not really useful for anything. The F2's the lowest in their line I would go. They're okay. Cambos seem cheap these days. I'll bet you could pick up a Legend for $400 or so - they're superb cameras. I like some of the Linhofs I used to have a TE. But I find the Linhofs a bit un-thought out. At least they way I would LIKE them to be.

Michael Graves
11-Aug-2006, 05:58
I had an A1 for about an hour and a half. Took me that long to get back to the dealer to turn it back in for a Toyo. It's a real POS. (And I don't mean Point of Sale.)

Ed Richards
11-Aug-2006, 07:29
Thanks folks, that was what I needed to know. I would go for a cheap Linhof Color STE in a second if I can find one.