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11-Aug-2006, 02:14
A greeting from the Italy I wanted to present myself I call me Andrea and photographer in white and black from different years. Splendid forum I am happy of to have found much persons with the mine same passion for the white and black one. You excuse my English: :

11-Aug-2006, 03:00
Bonjourno Andrea,

Welcome from Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada.

What part of Italy are you from?


11-Aug-2006, 03:10
From LAKE MAGGIORE VARESE near the switzerland Lugano

Tom Westbrook
11-Aug-2006, 03:40
Welcome to the Forum!

Ole Tjugen
11-Aug-2006, 04:05
Buongiorno, Andrea!

We need more Europeans here... :)

Frank Petronio
11-Aug-2006, 04:11
Welcome. You have some excellent photos on your website, especially the Madonna.

11-Aug-2006, 06:39
Welcome to the LF Community Andrea.

11-Aug-2006, 08:03
Bienvenutto, Andrea. Fa come fossi a casa tua.

Always nice to have another lady among us. Your English sounds better than my Italian, so don't worry about it.

Ralph Barker
11-Aug-2006, 08:27
Another "welcome", Andrea. Nice to have you join us.

Eric Biggerstaff
11-Aug-2006, 08:36
Welcome and have fun! Great to have you with us.

Michael Daily
11-Aug-2006, 09:27
Welcome, Andrea. Don't worry about your English--no one else does. Many here also have other languages, so if you are not sure, just ask. The people here are very friendly and helpful.

Walter Foscari
11-Aug-2006, 11:42
Ciao Andrea. Benvenuto nel forum, una vera miniera di informazioni.

BTW for those who don't know, in Italian Andrea is a male name ;)


11-Aug-2006, 13:17
From LAKE MAGGIORE VARESE near the switzerland Lugano


I'll have to look that one up on a map! :)


12-Aug-2006, 02:25
thanks people


Armin Seeholzer
12-Aug-2006, 03:59
Hi Andrea
Warm Welcome from Switzerland to.
Was just the last week in Lugano and as always it was wonderfull.
Have a good time!

Ernest Purdum
12-Aug-2006, 08:13
I'm jealous of your location.

12-Aug-2006, 08:40
I'm jealous of your location.

thanks are beautiful lake,mountain and city:)

I'm jealous of your location.