View Full Version : Anyone souping Fomapan 200 in Rodinal?

brian steinberger
10-Aug-2006, 17:22
I can't find any times for Fomapan 200 in Rodinal 1:50 for sheet film. Anyone have any times or suggestions?

Michael Graves
11-Aug-2006, 06:18
According to my references, you should start your tests using 5 min. at 68 degrees. However, this is second-hand information from another user. I use Foma 200 roll film, which is the same emulsion and base, and discovered I liked HC-110, diluted 1:64. For that combo, my film tests came up with EI 125, 8 minutes at 68 degrees.

I've been putting together a comprehensive film developing chart on my website. If you come up with something different let me know and I'll make a note.

ronald lamarsh
9-Oct-2006, 06:45
I use rodinal 50:1 for 7.5 to 8.5 min developed in a slosher tray agitating constant for the first minute and 7-10 sec/min thereafter negaties are beautiful. I develope for a diffusion enlarger with a v-54 lamp and adox vario g paper which has a very long scale.
My film is actually arista edu ultra 200 in 5x7 which is actually foma 200. I rate the iso at 100.

19-Apr-2015, 08:56
Wow, I'm late to the party... Anyway, I develop Foma 200 in rodinal 1:50 at 20C for 8:30-9:00 minutes in a rotary drum.

20-Apr-2015, 22:57
I've shot two rolls of Foma 200. I did a roll in Rodinal 1:63 for 11 minutes, 68F, agitating two inversions every minute. It came out nice and crisp. I did the other roll in HC110 for 11 minutes, 1:63. Came out very smooth and with a full range of tones.

Which did I prefer? Depends on the subject matter. For buildings, industrial, that kind of thing, Rodinal. For portraits and snowscapes, the HC110.

What I liked about this is that the same times and dilutions produced somewhat different results. Handy. HC110 at 1:63 is my "go-to" always works beautifully soup.