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10-Aug-2006, 13:55
Greetings from Olympia,

Just wanted to do the formal thing and give a virtual handshake to the LF photographers on this forum. :) I'm a senior at The Evergreen State College in Washington and I'm currently doing my summer reading on emulsion creation and plate coating. If I can resolve some (minor?) obstacles, I'll start doing real production fall quarter. I'm also active on rangefinderforum, for those of you who also enjoy small format work.

Okay! With this having been posted, I shall proceed to ask the question for which I originally registered!


Conor Peterson

P.S. My camera of choice is, of course, my beloved crown graphic.

Ron Marshall
10-Aug-2006, 14:35
Welcome to the forum Conor.

Ralph Barker
10-Aug-2006, 14:37
Howdy, Conor.

10-Aug-2006, 16:09
Welcome to the LF Forum Conor.

Frank Petronio
10-Aug-2006, 18:18
How much money has Matt Groning donated to Evergreen?

10-Aug-2006, 21:29
Greetings Conor,

Welcome from Vancouver, BC in Canada!


11-Aug-2006, 10:42
How much money has Matt Groning donated to Evergreen?

I have no idea. He probably constitutes the bulk of our endowment, seeing as how the rest of us are bound to become bakers, cleanists, starving artists, and anticapital eco-activists. ;)