View Full Version : apo symmar or g-claron

28-Mar-2000, 20:32
I am considering a 210mm lens for 4x5.I have set my mind on apo-symmar 210.But,I realize that I have been doing a lot of close up.I don't want to buy t wo lenses now(about same fl),if I will use the lens for close up(1:1 to 1:4) hal f of the time,should I get g-claron instead? Thanks.

Raven Garrow
28-Mar-2000, 20:42
I'm curious about the this lens as well. It starts at f9. Is this enough light to focus comfortably? I'm still figuring what focal length. Needing one lens for close up and archtecture. Relatively speaking, the price ain't bad.

29-Mar-2000, 03:57
How much bellows draw do you have? You need to take that into account as well.

If you have sufficient draw, the 210 G Claron sounds ideal for your needs. It's an extremely well corrected lens.

neil poulsen
29-Mar-2000, 09:07
The 210 G-Claron is probably your best solution, since it can be used for distance photography stopped down. For me though, it would be a difficult decision getting the G-Claron over the Apo-Symmar! How much enlargement do you anticipate for your normal distance photography? If not much, the G-Claron may work fine.

Do you have an enlarging lens that could be used for your close-up photography? For example, a 150 Componon-S will work in a Copal 0. (See other threads on this topic.) Just a thought on another possibility.

29-Mar-2000, 17:45
Thanks for the respondes.Bellow is not a concern for me ,since I will get a long bellow for my A/S when I buy the lens.I still can not make my mind.How much sharper is Apo symmar than claron at normal distance? I guess I should not ask one lens to do two very different things.I used my 150mm sinaron s for close up the results have been good but I wish it could be better.

29-Mar-2000, 17:50
Sorry,it's sironar s.

Bob Salomon
29-Mar-2000, 19:52
The Apo Sironar S is a tremendous performer over its range which is 1:5 to infinity.

If you want the same quality from 1:5 to 5:1 then you need a lens designed for that purpose. From Rodenstock that would be the 120 or 180mm Apo Macro Sironar.