View Full Version : Lipstick on a pig?

Steve Feldman
9-Aug-2006, 17:02
Hi y'all,

Anyone know if a Cambo 4x5 right-angle back viewer will fit on a B & J springback? Or maybe a Crown Grafloc? Or is it a case of putting lipstick on a pig? It may not improve the pig, and you'll get a dirty look from it. Probably bit too.


chris jordan
9-Aug-2006, 19:53
Not being a pig farmer, or even knowing one, I can't say for sure because I've never looked at a pig up quite that close; but my own limited knowledge on the subject is that pigs don't even have lips to put lipstick onto. So, in my opinion, putting lipstick on a pig would be something akin to putting a Cambo 4x5 right-angle viewer on a B & J spring back, so to speak.

Steve Feldman
9-Aug-2006, 23:20
Ha!:D Chris,

Good one. The pig allusion was just for fun. But the question about the finder on a B & J is real. Anyone know?

Chris, did you ever get that really, really big tripod?

Donald Qualls
14-Aug-2006, 14:01
I think what Chris was saying is that the B&J lacks some hardware needed to attach the Cambo viewer -- just as a pig lacks lips on which to put lipstick.

chris jordan
14-Aug-2006, 14:25
Hi Steve, yep I DID get that huge tripod. It goes up twelve feet. I feel very manly whenever I raise it up to its full height. Unfortunately it doesn't stay up that high for very long though, especially when being blown, by the wind I mean. It shakes and jiggles around a lot, and eventually ends up lying on its side in the back seat of the car...

Michael Daily
14-Aug-2006, 18:32
Pigs have lips, chickens don't. That is what makes stir-fried chicken lips such a delicacy.