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jeff ross
9-Aug-2006, 09:36
hello all,

i have a 2-part question for you gurus out there.

1. why are linhof 4x5 boards slightly off center? is it because of rise and fall movements? does having the hole directly centered instead make a big difference?the reason i'm asking is b/c sk grimes has generic lens boards for lots cheaper than new, or even many used linhof boards and i need a couple: specifically a copal #1 for a nikkorM 300, and (i think) a copal #1 for on older rodenstock tele 270 rotelar. grimes' boards have center drilled holes, but for twice as much i can have them drilled off center, so wondering if i need them to be off center...

2. i have a schneider ss58xl wide angle that also needs a 4x5 board. does this board need to be recessed? i'm using it on a linhof master technika.

thanks in advance.

Bob Salomon
9-Aug-2006, 11:15
The 58mm requires a new Linhof recessed lensboard with a built-in Linhof helical focusing mount. The lens must be installed in the mount at the factory.

or you can use the discontinued Linhof Wide Angle Focusing Device and a Linhof 001001 board.

This second device is for 55, 58 and 65mm lenses.

The new system is available with focus mounts for 47, 58 or 65mm lenses.

jeff ross
10-Aug-2006, 13:06
thanks bob, that's what i wanted/needed to know.

was also wondering if you (or anyone) can tell me about the off-center holes in linhof lensboards. does it make a big difference if they are not centered?

Bob Salomon
10-Aug-2006, 15:43
The hole is centered where the factory designed it to be so that when the lens is at the zero position with no front movements applied the lens is centered on the ground glass. If you position it in the center of the board it would not be ce3ntered on the gg. Then you would not have even coverage with a wide angle lens as you will have shifted the lens towards one edge of the image on the gg. That will make the need for a center filter more of a necessities.

If you had a more recent model you would find that about 5 or 10 years ago Linhof stated to use CNC milling equipment to mill the boards and the front standards of the Master Technika. These are milled to such tight tolerances that the board can't wiggle or shift in the standard. That does not apply to older Master Technikas and the earlier V and IV models.