View Full Version : Goerz Dagor 8 & 1/4" Lens (Need Info.)

8-Aug-2006, 23:49
Hi Everyone! I need some information about a lens I acquired today. It say's Goerz Dagor F-6.8 Focus 8 and 1/4" No. 754363. It is mounted on an Acme shutter which goes up to f64. Glass is clean and scratch free and shutter works fine. I would like to know if this could be used on an 8x10 camera and if anyone knows it's appx. value that would be greatly appreciated. Please email me directly at emequalsmc@verizon.net and thanks in advance, Mike Cable.

David A. Goldfarb
9-Aug-2006, 00:59
Mine covers 8x10" at small apertures. If it is coated and in good condition, it's worth more than if it is an older uncoated version.

Jim Galli
9-Aug-2006, 15:34
From the serial no. I think it is mid '30's uncoated. Still a great lens and it should work fine on an 8X10. Value in a working shutter might be $225 or so. I sold a 10 3/4" in shutter uncoated on ebay recently for $255. If the serial were 794XXX and the front brass barrel was lacquered shiny brass, it wouldn't take any better picture, but someone in China would give you $1200 bucks for it. Just pointing out the silliness of recent Dagor trends.