View Full Version : Bessler 4x5 (Military issue Type C-6) rangefinder missing a part.

Harold Eiseman
29-Jan-2000, 20:11
I need to find or make a part for the rangefinder. I think it is a plate with a movable cam or arm that sits between the two moveable arms that would transfer t he movement to the rangefinder. This part looks to be adjustable to set up the c amera for a 90mm, 135mm, or 250mm lens. I either need the part or drawings and s pecs to make the part in my machine shop. Also, I need to replace the focal plane shutter. I have one I saved from an old graflex. Will it fit? If so, how many turns are needed on the spring motor to pr eset the tention for correct curtan speed ?

Any help will be greatly appriciated - Harold Eiseman, Oklahoma

Doug Paramore
30-Jan-2000, 11:08
Harold: Do you know if this is a Kalart rangefinder? It was common on most of the old 4x5 press cameras. I believe the Kalarts on some of the Graphics were adjustable for focal length. I have a junked-out B&J-Watson press camera with a Kalart range finder you can have if it is the same. It is and old one, but all the parts are there. I don't know if it is the same type as yours, but you're welcome to it if you want it. It is just taking up space in my work room. Doug.

Harold Eiseman
30-Jan-2000, 16:25
Doug, Thanks for the offer. My bessler has a builtin view finder/range finder with paralax corrected frames for the 135mm & 250mm lens, much like the Horsman cameras. - Harold