View Full Version : exposing Polaroid 665

Dave Aharonian
7-Aug-2006, 09:40
I've been using Polaroid type 55 for many years metering it at iso 25 for the negative. I just bought a large amount of near-outdated Polaroid 665 and I'm curious if it has similar characteristics? Its rated at iso 80, but to expose for the negative is it recomended to lower the iso or leave it as is? Thanks in advance!

Donald Qualls
7-Aug-2006, 18:27
You should test to be sure, because while the wisdom has been that, like 55, you need to expose more for the negative than the print, I've seen several reports that the most recent batch produces a perfectly usable print when exposed for the negative. Should be easy to tell; expose one for the negative (IE 40-50), develop as recommended, and see what you have. Can't picture it taking more than two prints to get a handle on where you're at, and if the rest is all the same expiration, it should all be the same.