View Full Version : Where to get 5x7" FP4+?

Carsten Wolff
7-Aug-2006, 02:19
HI, all,
I've looked into the usual suspects (JandC, Brookwood, B&H...and some Australian sites) but they're listing 5x7" FP4+ as special order, if lucky.
Anyone have any insights into who actually has stocks and can ship?

Carsten, downunder

Ed K.
7-Aug-2006, 02:27
Freestyle Photo in Los Angeles, CA has it, but that's a long way to ship!


Carsten Wolff
7-Aug-2006, 02:35
Thanks, Ed,
distance no drama; I often have U.S. stuff in my hands within 5 days...as to the cost...it varies; some online stores tend to overcalculate the actual shipping cost considerably....
Thanks again, I'll check out Freestyle now...

7-Aug-2006, 02:46
If you have problems with a US supplier then http://www.silverprint.co.uk/ in the UK is a good source.

Oren Grad
7-Aug-2006, 07:08
B&H is showing it as in stock now.

Sal Santamaura
7-Aug-2006, 07:29
B&H is showing it as in stock now.If one looks for this film on the B&H site by way of "other sizes" in the size dropdown, 5x7 comes up as "special order" for some reason. If however one goes straight to 5x7 in the size dropdown, it's "in stock." Seems B&H erroneously included 5x7 in the special order sizes when Ilford's twice-yearly ULF program was launched.

Michael Daily
7-Aug-2006, 16:11
I've also bought it from Calumet Photo in Chicago area.

Ron Marshall
7-Aug-2006, 19:33
Badger Graphics also has it:


ronald lamarsh
8-Aug-2006, 09:31
In a pinch you can try Glazers Camera in Seattle Wa. i can usually go there and find either HP5 or FP4 in stock in 5x7

Robert Skeoch
9-Aug-2006, 15:57
I have FP4 in 5x7 in stock.
I also have HP5 and T-max 400 in 5x7.
You can contact me though the website. www.bigcameraworkshops.com
-Rob Skeoch

Carsten Wolff
9-Aug-2006, 16:13
Thanks all for your help!

To summarise: there seem a lot of options in the U.S., few in Europe and none in Australia....

Carsten Wolff
9-Aug-2006, 16:14
...and Canada.... Thanks Robert! :)

Ole Tjugen
9-Aug-2006, 23:15
To summarise: there seem a lot of options in the U.S., few in Europe and none in Australia....

There are lots in Europe, especially if you include 13x18cm (which needs different holders, but the same external size). I've never had any problems finding either size.