View Full Version : beginner question, mounting grafmatic back to shen-hao

7-Aug-2006, 00:09
As the title implies, I'm fairly new to grafmatic "45" holders. I've finally got loading the film down (I hope) but it doesn't seem like the holder will fit my Shen-hao HZx45II. I was under the impression that you slide it in like a normal film holder, but the opening seems too narrow.

From reading other threads it seems that people with the 45IIa got it working. I bought my used shen-hao on ebay and it was advertised simply as the HZx45II (no a?). Is there a difference?

Thanks in advance, Dan.

Michael Daily
7-Aug-2006, 16:04
There are two different types of Grafmatics--one that fits where a filmholder fits and one that requires a Graflok back. The #1268 does not require a Graflok back. I have 3 and they fit in my Busch Pressman, model D, with no problem. They are, however, thicker than a regular filmholder.

Lee Hamiel
7-Aug-2006, 16:07
It should fit

I had a similar issue with a Wisner 4x5 tech when using a Polaroid holder & felt that the springs were way too tight (they are) and was initially concerned but all works fine now - I did remove the leaf springs & relaxed them a slight amount in order to facilitate the insertion of the holder without moving the entire camera.

Regular filmholders still fit properly.

Lee Hamiel
7-Aug-2006, 16:09
Michael & I were responding at the same time - I also have three Grafmatics & they fit fine but am unsure as to which model they are

7-Aug-2006, 18:48
Well I think you guys helped me find the problem. Mine is a #1168.

According to another thread I found:

There is another variation of the grafmatic for the older Graflex SLRs which has a slightly wider base and won't fit into a graflok back. This version has serial number 1168. They are rare and sought after by Graflex enthusiasts, so if you buy the wrong one you should be able to resell it easily.

So I assume that explains why it is so wide. Bummer.