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Matthew Cordery
6-Aug-2006, 19:24
I saw the thread on the title page about uniroller development of 4x5 film. I just had someone hand me a working Uniroller and a drum for free. I'm thinking that maybe the drum isn't the correct size for 4x5 film. This things is something like 12+ inches long, has a v-rib on one inner side and a double v-rib on the other and many small ribs on the inner surface. Is this the appropriate drum for doing 4x5 development? I'd like to try this thing out. It seems like a size to large or something though.

7-Aug-2006, 08:05
I'm guessing it's a print drum. Try slipping a sheet of 4x5 between the ribs.

I use Jobo print drums for 5x7 but the idea is the same with any print drum.

Steve Feldman
7-Aug-2006, 10:04

Yup. You want the "PRINT" drum for 4x5 film. Been using that system for a few years. Never a bad neg due to processing. Keep em clean. It'll work fine.

tim atherton
7-Aug-2006, 10:16

What you have is the slightly larger drum that takes a couple of 8x10 sheets (or four 5x7 as well I think).

What you want is the slightly smaller drum - about 9" long that takes four 4x5 sheets.

It's almost exactly the same as you describe - ribs, v notches etc, just smaller.

The good news (although I haven't looked recently) is they can usually be found pretty cheap on ebay

Matthew Cordery
7-Aug-2006, 11:47
Thanks everyone. I thought I had the wrong tank. I'll have to keep my eye out for the 9" tank.

Michael Daily
7-Aug-2006, 16:09
My drum takes 4x5, 5x7, or 8x10 depending upon where the ribs are set.