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brian reed
5-Aug-2006, 16:51
Anyone ever hear of a Kwok ebony 4x5 camera. someone from China is selling one on Ebay?


5-Aug-2006, 22:28
Brain, I just bought a Kwok's ebony camera. If you want to know how good is it, you can give Jim at Midwest a call. I had the first Kwok's camera in U.S.:), while Jim had the second one. His camera is made of rosewood, while mine is made of "ebony" wood (cause I don't know the offical name of the wood). So far I like what I had. And it is really beautiful.

Scott Davis
6-Aug-2006, 04:54
Looking it over, it looks like it doesn't offer you anything other than gold-colored brass hardware that a Shen-Hao doesn't offer. I'd recommend saving yourself a fistful of dollars and getting the Shen-Hao instead. Except for a couple of the knobs and the strap, I'd swear it WAS a Shen-Hao in a different wood.

7-Aug-2006, 00:42
Doesn't look like it has rear rise like the shen-hao.

Ted Harris
7-Aug-2006, 04:32
I've got that second one here looking it over and Richad Ritter will give it a good look later this week at our upcoming workshop. It is nicely finished. The metalwork is black,not brass and it looks good. I just took it out of the box last night so no film through it yet. It feels like it might be lighter than the Shen Hao and also more compact. optV's coment is correct, there is no rear rise; also, seems to only have base tilt on the front (but not sure). It is held closed by the strongest magnet I have ever seen on a camera. Just very first preliminary impressions .... very very first. BTW, there is no way it is going to sell for anything like the one on eBay is up for.

7-Aug-2006, 04:42
It is held closed by the strongest magnet I have ever seen on a camera.
That's a good reason for not trying it with a digital back ;)