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5-Aug-2006, 09:16
Hi Everyone,

I have visited on occassion in the past and have recently become a member. Many of you may know me from APUG and a few from the Rangefinder Forum.

I am a multiformat shooter shooting Leica 35mm SLRs, medium format, and my Linhof Technikardan 45S.

I am a Fine Art Photographer participating in Art Shows and Art and Craft Shows, and will be looking for Gallery representation, and other means of distribution of my work. My work is primarily nature, landscape, and wildlife, though I also do shoot other subjects as well including such things as fireworks.

I am not formally trained in photography, though I have taken a number of workshops and was a member (and President....) of my camera club in years past. My formal education is in Geology and Zoology (both with grad degrees and a specialty in Ecology). This education is helpful to my chosen subject matter.

I look forward to participating here, sharing, and learning from those that have more knowledge and experience than I.


5-Aug-2006, 09:46
Welcome Richard, as I do know you from APUG, your a great guy!

Kind Regards,

5-Aug-2006, 10:39
Hi Rich, always good to hear from you.

Ralph Barker
5-Aug-2006, 14:02
Howdy, Rich. Welcome to the LF Forum.

Michael Daily
5-Aug-2006, 17:59
Welcome, Rich.

5-Aug-2006, 21:01
Darr, Robert, and Ralph, all from APUG, and also Michael, thanks for the warm welcome. I look foward to a great informative and enjoyable time here.