View Full Version : Looking for general information on LF lens brands

Jordan Epstein
29-Jan-2000, 13:59
As I look at lenses I get confused by all the different manufacturers and models. Because I am poor and live in Wyoming I am looking at used lenses and over the internet or over the phone. I see lenses from the same manufacturer going from 100 to over 1000 dollars. I assume there is something that separates these besides $900. I am hoping for a source for information both subjective and objective about different manufacturers and model. Info like made from____-____ years multi coated fairly sturdy and sharp or not sturdy. Or other information like stay away from or look for these models, manufacturers or years.I know I can always post a note here, but i don't want to have to ask "how is this lens at this price" everytime I see what apears to be a bargain. SO if anyone has a web sight or book they can recomend for me to educate myself, I'd appreciate it. T

Ellis Vener
29-Jan-2000, 14:24
If you cheek the static content on the homepage in this forum I think you'll fin d some pretty good tables of info. For used equipment, I'm sure every one has their own set of trustworthy dealers. Mine are: Photomark in Phoenix, The F-stop s Here in Santa Barbara, Quality Camera in Atlanta, Ken Hansen Photographic in New York City, and Lens & Repro, also in New York City.

Larry Shearer
29-Jan-2000, 16:28
Jordan, Another interesting site for feedback concerning older lenses is www.hevanet.com/cperez/testing.html. Good luck.