View Full Version : looking for sharpest lense (90-100mm) less than $800, new or used

Jon Miller
27-Mar-2000, 11:27
What is the sharpest (most number of lines per mm) lense for 4x5 in the 90-110mm range that doesn't cost more than say $800.00. I dont care if it is old.


27-Mar-2000, 12:35
Look for a Zeiss Planar 100mm f/2.8. These were made for the Graflex XL (you can unmount them from the barrel) and Linhofs. Typically about $250 - 300 for the Graflex ones, and one helluva lot more for the Linhof ones naturally, though you can imagine them to be identical lenses.

I doubt you'll be dissatisfied with the Ektar you had mentioned in a similar post on the matter.

Bob Eskridge
27-Mar-2000, 14:29
From my (limited) experience, the sharpest lens would be the 100 Apo-Symmar. It is the most modern and is multicoated. I felt that it was equal to my Hassy 80 CF Planar. Price is less than $800 and much less from Robert White in the UK.

Bob Salomon
27-Mar-2000, 15:25
As you probably realize neither a 100mm Planar or a 100mm Apo Symmar or a 105mm Apo Sironar N will cover 45 or come close to covering it.

Aren't you relly looking for a wide angle?

In that case you would be looking at lenses like a 6.8 Rodenstock grandagon N or the 90mm 8.0 Super Angulon.

If you are enrolled in a 4 year photo school or are an instructor there the 90mm 6.8 Grandagon N has a school price of $823.00. For others it is more.

Ellis Vener
27-Mar-2000, 15:44
I have a used Grandagon 90mm f/4.5 that I purchased for $600. Extremely sharp an d will cover 5x7 so I second Bob's recommendation of Rodenstock and add that you should also look at the 90mm f/8 Nikkor SW.

Ross Martin
27-Mar-2000, 16:03
Check lens test results here: http://www.hevanet.com/cperez/testing.html

My personal experience coincides with the test--I find the Nikkor 90mm f/8 to be an exceptional performer, and available used for less than $800.

Glenn Kroeger
27-Mar-2000, 17:37
If you don't care about movements, the 105mm Fujinon CM-W covers 4x5 (barely) and is much lighter and smaller that the wide angel 90's. If you don't care about covering 4x5, then the 100 Apo-Symmar would be nice.

27-Mar-2000, 19:17

John Hicks
27-Mar-2000, 22:59
At usual working apertures on-film resolution is limited by diffraction, film po sitioning and film flatness.

What usage do you have in mind?

28-Mar-2000, 05:05

Yes, the Zeiss Planar doesn't cover 4x5 certainly it doesn't. I figured you were still thinking of shooting 6x9 on a 4x5 camera.

Regards Tan