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Mike Adams
4-Aug-2006, 12:34
Hello LFPF members,

have been viewing posts from many of the forums over the last few days, enjoying some wonderful photographic work of members, and gaining valuable information from Kerry Thalmann's site regarding light weight equipment. I appreciate and value it all. Thanks for the resource.

I'm sort of from Portland, if I was honest I would say that I live halfway between Portland and Salem, and if, under boy scout oath, would tell you that I live in Canby. That sure was hard to say but now that's said I feel better :+) Picking up LF after a hiatus, and just having fun putting it all together.


4-Aug-2006, 14:29
Welcome to the LF Community Mike!

I had the pleasure of living in Portland OR way back in the late '70s. It was a beautiful city back then. Any who, I send a warm hello from south of Miami Florida, the hurricane & lightning capital of the US. :)

Kind Regards,

Ralph Barker
4-Aug-2006, 15:18
Welcome to the forum, Mike.

Mike Adams
5-Aug-2006, 13:22
Thanks darr and Ralph for the welcome. No hurricanes here (yet), little lightning, a whole lot of rain. Part of my gear is a boat and pontoons on the cases. :+)

Michael Daily
5-Aug-2006, 17:58
Greetings from Indiana.

Robert Brummitt
6-Aug-2006, 11:10
Welcome to the Pacific Northwest, Mike. Come visit PPF in September.