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matt m
4-Aug-2006, 08:04
i'm a new member. i regularly check the site for tips and info.
i'm really chuffed because i've just bought my first LF camera- a stunning linhof technika master v with a spare body and 4 lenses (all of which are linhof)

65mm,90mm,150m and 240m

ive found, though, that the lenses aren't perfect.
they all open quickly but take forever to close, well at least another second or two! does anyone have any thoughts as to what the problem might be? do you think i'll need to buy new lenses?
the guy i bought them from hadn't used the euipment for at least 10yrs, could this be a factor?
i apologise if this problem has been covered already, ive had a look through the threads but haven't seen one with similar details on.


Scott Rosenberg
4-Aug-2006, 08:16
matt, lenses technically don't open and close... shutters do. if the gear hasn't been used in 10 years, then yes, it's perfectaly reasonable that they would need a CLA (clean, lube, adjust). pack them up and send them to a good shop - Fluots, Grimes, or Paul Ebel - for servicing. they should come back good as new.

Vick Vickery
4-Aug-2006, 08:19
Sounds like a simple cleaning and adjustment is called for...Carol at Flutots Camera (www.flutotscamerarepair.com) has a good reputation.

matt m
4-Aug-2006, 08:22
many thanks scott

that's a weight off my mind

i'm based in the UK so i'll search around for a local company that can help

Scott Rosenberg
4-Aug-2006, 08:35
no worries... here's (http://www.largeformatphotography.info/lenses-primer/) a great primer. welcome to the wonderful world of sheet film!!