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Ben Calwell
1-Aug-2006, 06:14
I still don't understand why, when you click on a topic, such as "Cameras and Accessories," the first post you see could be one from months, or even years ago. For instance, today the first post under that category was one from Michael Kadillac titled "Wisner Update," but it was from last May.
It seems to me that the newest posts should be at the top of the list, or maybe I'm just not understanding the new nomenclature.
Just a few cents of opinion. Thanks

1-Aug-2006, 06:19
Look at the last post in that thread... it was a comment made just minutes ago. Last in = first listed.

Ben Calwell
1-Aug-2006, 10:13
In my opinion, even though someone responds recently to a question that's months or years old, I guess I believe that questions asked months or years ago shouldn't be listed first -- it makes it appear to be a recent question.

1-Aug-2006, 10:18
in your user options you can set thread display options to "newest first" or "oldest first" which should sort your problem.

However, you have to be logged in for it to work as the default for non logged in people is oldest first.

Also if you click the little right arrow under the "last post" column, it will take you straight to the last post of the thread even if you aren't logged in, and the posts wil be arranged chronologically oldest to newest.