View Full Version : Ilford Hypam vs. Ilford Rapid Fixer

brian steinberger
31-Jul-2006, 16:41
This question was posted in another site forum, and was never really answered. Are Hypam and rapid fixer really the same thing? If there were so close, why would anyone pay more for the rapid fixer?

Oren Grad
31-Jul-2006, 18:41
Brian, there has to be a difference in the formulation of the two products, because per the respective Ilford fact sheets, Hypam may be used with hardener but Rapid Fixer is not compatible with hardener.

It's not obvious to me why a higher price should be justified for the less versatile product. In any case, if you don't use hardener, they should be functionally equivalent. I use Hypam myself.

19-Aug-2013, 13:39
A very, very old topic but it is exactly what I'm ask now before buying some new products.
I use Ilford Rapid Fix in the past but see a price difference and don't know why, same ammonium thiosulphate, same dilution, same capacities ? anyone know?
Here some actual prices at Freestyle Ilford Rapid Fixer 5l. $36.99 vs Ilford Hypam Fixer 5l. $27.99 Similar prices in Canada.

Question about old chemicals.
I have old stock of Ilford Rapid Fix (5l at 3/4 full), maybe 10 years, the last time I printed :(
Is a film clearing time can be a good indication of the effectiveness of the fixer or what will be a easy way to know if I can trust this old fix?
Are all powder chemicals will be still good? I have a lot of developer in powder.