View Full Version : Another newbie

31-Jul-2006, 09:36
Hi all, just thought I'd introduce myself so as to not appear rude.... New to this game, and don't have a LF camera yet. However, I want one and will inquire about possibilities on a different thread.

Oh, I'm in Floriduh, though I'm a 29 year-old Brit..


Ralph Barker
31-Jul-2006, 10:01
Welcome to the LF Forum.

You didn't by chance mail some of that hot Florida weather back home, did you? ;)

31-Jul-2006, 10:04
Not that I'm aware of.... I think I'd prefer to be mailing myself back home - it will happen soon, though preferably on a reputable carrier and in a seat, rather than in a box.

Pat Kearns
7-Aug-2006, 10:55
Where about in Florida? By the way, you might get your wish about going home with the next hurricane.