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Stan Kotecki
30-Jul-2006, 11:02
Hi everyone,
I am new to the LFPF, I have been using view cameras for a few years. I shoot architecture and landscapes. This fall I am heading up to UP Michigan on Lake Superior shore, and will photograph out of a Kayak. I have been reading the forum and find it most helpfull.

Stan Kotecki

30-Jul-2006, 12:55
Hi Stan,

Welcome to the group.

Is that to say you'll be using a LF camera out of the kayak for your landscape images? That should be an interesting experience!

Do post some pics from the shoot, ok?


Rick Haug
30-Jul-2006, 12:58
Hi Stan,
I'm another new member here, living in Minnesota. Your upcoming kayak trip caught my eye. Several years ago Minnesota-based photographer Craig Blacklock published a book titled "The Lake Superior Images" where he circumnavigated Lake Superior by kayak with 4x5 camera aboard. Beautiful images!

You'll probably have access to sites unreachable by the car/hike photographer. Have a great time!

Ralph Barker
30-Jul-2006, 17:00
Welcome, Stan.

Wayne Crider
1-Aug-2006, 13:44
Welcome Stan. Have a nice trip and good light.