View Full Version : Development time for Acros 100 in Tmax RSm test

Stephen Sample
29-Jul-2006, 17:36
I am testing my film speed for Fuji Acros 100 before an overseas trip. My local dealer suggests asa 64 for this fiilm. I have exposed two sheets one at asa 64 and and another at 80 using zone I exposure on a grey card. I will develop the negatives in some fresh Tmax RS developer that I already use diluted 9 to 1, at 75 degrees for 12 minutes at asa 80, with good results, with Tmax 100 film.

I know that we expose for the shadows and develop for the highlights, so development time isn't critical for this test, but would appreciate a suggested development time for this Acros 100 film and Tmax RS developer combination.

If I like to Acros, which I can use in my Readyload film holder, does anyone have a different developer they can recommend? I must use 75degrees here in Arizona. I use a Jobo tank, six sheets at a time.

Ron Marshall
29-Jul-2006, 19:09
I have not used TMax-RS developer. But my time for Acros in D76 1:1 in a Jobo 3006 is 6 min 30 seconds at 68 degrees.

Jay DeFehr
29-Jul-2006, 22:02
510-Pyro is a good match for Acros and rotary development. The standard dilution is 1:100, but it can be diluted further for longer times. I normally expose Acros at EI 100 and develop in 510-Pyro 1:100/ 6min/70F/rotary agitation. For your conditions, I would recommend 510-Pyro 1:150/ 7:15/74F/rotary agitation. Good luck, and enjoy your trip.