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Rick Haug
29-Jul-2006, 12:50
Greetings to all,
I have been an occasional lurker on this site for the past three years. When I decided to venture into large-format it was the articles and information found here that allowed me to make intelligent choices in assembling a start-up 4x5 kit.

Today I use a 4x5 Tachihara along with aging 35mm film equipment. Mostly I use color transparency with a smaller amount of B/W negative film. The proportion of neg film will likely increase once I acquire a 4x5 enlarger.

Most commonly photographed subjects are landscapes, native plantlife and historical architecture.

I don't expect to be a very vocal or visible member but will be checking in regularly and continuing to learn from the rest of you.


29-Jul-2006, 13:47
Welcome to the LF Community Rick from south Florida!
I once lived in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and that is as close to Minnesota I have been.

Michael Daily
29-Jul-2006, 14:06
Greetings and best wishes from Indiana. When is summer there? I have heard various reports from the last two weeks of July to the first week of August... Welcome!

Walter Calahan
29-Jul-2006, 14:25
Hello from Maryland.

I was just in Northfield the end of May. You'll see the results in Car & Driver Magazine in their September issue.


Jerry Flynn
29-Jul-2006, 17:06
I also am a Minnesota LF hobbyist. In response to Michael's question, summer is here about the same amout of time as Indiana. It's been running high 90's here (Minneapolis) for weeks. I was thinking of developing film tomorrow, but am afaid the cold water temp will be above 70 F and I'll have to chill things down with some ice.

Ralph Barker
29-Jul-2006, 18:26
Welcome to the LF Forum, Rick. As you can see from my avatar, I use the big brother to your 4x5 Tachi, among other things.

Tom Westbrook
29-Jul-2006, 18:51
Welcome! Good to see another Minnesotan around!

29-Jul-2006, 19:45
Greetings from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.


29-Jul-2006, 20:39
Hi Rick. Good to see you around - love your work.

Steve J Murray
29-Jul-2006, 21:43
Greetings from over here in St. Paul.

Rick Haug
30-Jul-2006, 10:24
I've known for some time that this is a very knowledgeable group, and it appears to be a very friendly community as well. Thank you for the nice welcome. Once I get the 4x5 darkroom up I'll probably have lots of questions to post.:)

Interesting to see all the Twin Citians (MN) here. I never seem to encounter any LFers when out in the field.

Expanding on what Jerry said earlier, MN has plenty of summer heat, similar to the rest of the Midwest. And IMO the stereotypical long, harsh Minnesota winter is greatly exaggerated.

Jay DeFehr
30-Jul-2006, 10:36
Hi Rick.

I live in Idaho, which is also in the midwest according to the geographically challenged who often locate us somewhere between Iowa and Ohio. My first winter here, after relocating from San Diego, was a "hundred years" winter, and the mercury didn't climb above 0 for 40 days. Every winter since has seemed mild by comparison, and they seem to get shorter every year. Welcome, and I look forward to your contributions.