View Full Version : need info on operating an Acme shutter

Ron Buchanan
27-Jan-2000, 21:51
I have purchased my first large format lens, Kodak Commercial Ektar with an Acme #4 shutter. Being an older lens it, of course, did not come with a manual and I'm having trouble figuring out exactly what all of the controls do. I'm also a fraid to really experiment, as I understand that it is possible to jam the mecha nisms on these older shutters. If anyone could pass along any information that they might have, or point me in the right direction for finding it, I would real ly appreciate the help.



Doug Paramore
28-Jan-2000, 12:23
Ron: The Acme shutter operates as follows: Facing the front of the lens, at the two o'clock position is the shutter cocking lever. Push it down to cock the shutter. Just to the left of the shutter cocking lever is a button. Push it down to open the shutter for focusing when the shutter is cocked. Push the shutter cocking lever again to close the shutter. At the 11 o'clock position is the shutter release lever. Just below that is the cable release socket. Nine o'clock position is the flash sync lever. It has to be cocked seperately. Below that is the little wheel that controls the flash sync for M bulbs, F bulbs and X sync for electronic flash. The two prongs are for the flash cord. I have seen these cords advertised. You can also use an electric shaver cord and cut off the end and connect the wires to a flash gun cord. The shutter speed is set by turning the rim of the shutter, and the aperature is at the bottom with a pointer. It sounds more complicated than it is. You have to get used to using it. Dont forget to recock the shutter after focusing. Hope this helps. Doug.

Sean Billy Bob Boy yates
28-Jan-2000, 15:55
Leave the shutter uncocked when not in use and some folks say you should leave them on the T or B setting. I don't know how much truth there is in that though. www.skgrimes.com will have more/additional information and I imagine Ron Wisner has thoughts on the subject as well.

I always leave mine uncocked and on T and exercise them a before a shoot and before the actual exposure.