View Full Version : HELP with stains on prints

jonathan smith
28-Jul-2006, 09:41
I am having trouble with some stains that develop after my prints have dried. I have never experienced this problem before, although it's probably pretty common.
The stains are somewhat transparent, milky-white, and usually, but not always, located towards the center of the print. I'm using Ilford MG Warm-tone paper, hypo-clearing and washing for 1 and-a-half hours. Sometimes rewashing helps, but not with all the prints.
Sound familiar to anyone?
Thanks- Jon

28-Jul-2006, 10:36
dry prints face down

Brian Ellis
28-Jul-2006, 11:15
Sounds like maybe a problem with the water in your area. The water where I used to live was very hard and I used to get blotches and water marks of one kind or another on some of my prints no matter how well they were washed. I fixed the problem by dipping the prints in a tray of distilled water and then squeeging them before putting them on the drying screen.

Glenn Thoreson
28-Jul-2006, 17:22
Do you squeegee your prints? It's something you need to do. I have hard water that leaves deposits all over everyhing but my prints. I always squeegee both sides before hanging to dry. No water on the surface = no spots.

Brian Ellis
28-Jul-2006, 18:59
We're kind of beating a dead horse here but FWIW in the hard water area I lived squeegeeing by itself didn't fix the problem. I always squeegeed my prints front and back but I still got the occasional water mark, blotch, etc. The only thing that fixed it for me was the dip in distilled water (followed by the squeegee).