View Full Version : Best way to cut 8x10 film down to 5x7

Ken Lee
27-Jul-2006, 17:04
I would like to shoot TMY in 5x7 size, so it seems that the only way is to purchase some 8x10 and cut it to size.

Because I have an infra red viewing monocular, this should be fairly easy to do "in the dark".

My question is: what is a good method ? Must I use a paper trimmer ? Will any paper trimmer do ? Could I draw lines on the film and then cut with a decent pair of scissors ?

Many thanks.

27-Jul-2006, 17:11
rotary paper trimmer seems like the only real solution.


Ted Harris
27-Jul-2006, 17:15
Tuan's been doing it for years. He cuts all his own. Send him a PM.

David A. Goldfarb
27-Jul-2006, 17:25
I think Tuan's written up his procedure here either in the forums or in one of the articles on the main lfphoto.info.

Short answer: Rotatrim.

27-Jul-2006, 17:32
I think scissors would drive you nuts between the waste and the hassle.

Oren Grad
27-Jul-2006, 18:14
Ken, at least according to their website, JandC seems to still have some stock of 5x7 TMY left from the big custom order.

27-Jul-2006, 19:10
I bought some 5x7 TMY from J&C in June. They had it then; their web site indicates it's still in stock.

27-Jul-2006, 19:12
i've done this successfully and easily with a rotary trimmer.
generally my process:
1. put a piece of tape at the 7" & 5" marks on the trimmer
2. cut the film down to 10x7"
3. cut in half to 5x7

this process has the fewest cuts (2 not 3) and with the tape providing a small ridge to use to align the film it's easily done in the dark. the only issue is remembering which side is the emulsion....

QT Luong
27-Jul-2006, 19:22
In addition to what I wrote in http://www.largeformatphotography.info/5x7.html, I would add that I use the T slider of the Rotatrim for aligning.
I first cut a batch (25 or 50 sheets) to 7x10 and put it back into a 8x10 film box. Then I turn on the lights, move the T slider to almost (but not exactly) 5 inch, turn off the lights, and then cut in the other dimension.