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26-Jul-2006, 10:08
Any ideas for reducing surge marks when using 4x5 hangers? I develop in ilford FP4+ in acufine, 5 minutes. It seems that any agitation at all creates 'em, even just lifting and inserting the hangars into the soup!

Kevin Crisp
26-Jul-2006, 10:13
Tray develop. The density lines are a downside of hangers. If you are not comfortable with the flip-through method of doing lots of sheets in a tray at a time, glue a spacer in the bottom of the tray (the little tripod plastic pieces that come with pizza deliveries work) and do two at a time. That way you won't scratch them.

27-Jul-2006, 12:42
I cannot validate this with personal experience, but I thought I would pass it along in case it is worth something to you. I read an post by an ex-Kodak engineer that this problem is from putting the hangars in the tank too slowly. He stated that hangers should be pulled and inserted quickly and that people always do this too slowly, which prevents even flow of developer over the film. Take it for what its worth to you.

I've not seen the problem you mentioned, but my development times are much longer than yours and with a different developer, although the film is the same. It could be that for times that are that short, hangers are not the best method of development.

- Randy

27-Jul-2006, 14:10
Thanks to both
I have switched to using a slosher-type developing tray. Now, what to do with the 4x5 tanks and hangars . . .