View Full Version : Wephota Ortho 25 film

Pete Watkins
26-Jul-2006, 00:19
I've just got some sheets of film. The pack is labelled Wephota Planfilm Ortho 25 and the manufacturers name is Banse & Grohmann. Now the questions, I understand that this film can be loaded under safelight conditions, what colour safelight? I intend to use the film for portraits, has anybody got any recommendations on which filters to use (red, orange, blue, green etc.) if filters are recommended at all? I intend to use daylight (we're getting a bit of decent light here in the U.K. for a change) and tungston lighting. Thanks for any help. Pete.

Ole Tjugen
26-Jul-2006, 01:00
Use a red safelight - DEEP red.

Do not use red filters, the film is not sensitive to red and you'd get unexposed negatives.

When ortho was "standard", the most common filters were pale yellow and yellow for outdoors shooting (lower blue sky tones, lighten foliage). Use the same or none for portraits.

In tungsten lighting the film is extremely slow, almost blind. Try it as EI 2 in tungsten lighting, but even that may be too much depending on the lighting.

Pete Watkins
28-Jul-2006, 02:26
Many thanks for your help.